Painting from Scratch – The Art of Dan Belton

I was prompted to ‘just give it a go’, on the painting front by the fantastically earthy Hangman Poet (and possibly missing), Mark Lowe, in 1992.His flat was full of many of his, and others amateur efforts (from amore – to love). His loose rule was, ‘if you paint it here, you leave it here’ and the looser idea was that way, assuming people painted at each other’s gaffs, then everyone would end up with a wee art collection….This being my first, however, I kept hold of it. I have come a long way since then, as a painting-from-scratch untutored brush-lout who wasn’t allowed to go to Art-School – which in some ways I think was just as well – I was easily led in those days. This can be seen, certainly in the great influence Mr Billy Childish had upon me, especially as he was publishing my poetry at the time – a book called ‘Self-Hate in a Phone Free Heaven’ (see poetry blog Mark, wherever he is, must have a few of Billy’s early paintings, including a fine, small one of a goat he did at Mark’s one day. Later in 2001 I was asked to be the Brighton ‘head’ of the Brighton Stuckists, a role I have since relinquished, tho I still adhere to most of the Stuckist principles and manifestoes.

I’ve being very remiss about keeping my website current, so I’m running this blog alongside my poetry one, which will hopefully prompt me to to share my paintings and prints with those who may give a monkey’s.

And, on a further note – most works you see here will be for sake – so please contact me if you have any desire and queries at



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